Blockhouse Bay Baptist Church Kindergarten


  • Philosophy Tubes
  • Philosophy Ball

Our professional teaching team believes that children learn best through play and provides a planned programme based on Te Whāriki (the national early childhood curriculum). Our planning for teaching and learning involves us Noticing what children are interested in, Recognising some of the learning taking place and Responding to some of that learning. Children are encouraged to make their own choices and to experiment and explore at their own pace with the support and guidance of teachers. Our centre is well resourced and offers small group sizes and excellent teacher-child ratios. This helps enable us to provide warm responsive and reciprocal relationships with the children and families in our care.

Our aim is to support each child to reach their unique potential.

At Blockhouse Bay Baptist Church kindergarten, children will have the opportunity to –

  • Develop their social skills
  • Learn about different cultures
  • Become increasingly independent
  • Develop communication skills
  • Feel good about who they are
  • Be creative and expressive
  • Develop self-help skills
  • Numeracy and literacy skills
  • Follow routines, limits and boundaries
  • Develop thinking skills
  • Develop physical self-confidence
  • Become happy, confident and competent learners
  • Learn about respect and tolerance

God made me wonderfully and he loves me. Psalm 139